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What do you get when you cross potatoes, pirates and computer science? A pirate card game that teaches kids to code! Potato Pirates is proud to present our collection of pirate board games designed to help even the youngest kids grasp the basics of coding, cybersecurity and computer science.

Computer science is the future of our world. With numerous companies all over the world employing computers to automate their activities, the workforce is shifting to require more STEM-skilled employees, especially those with an in-depth knowledge of working with computers. In turn, schools are beginning to pick up on this trend as well, with many incorporating computer science as a subject in their curriculum. As such, it is imperative for children to get acquainted with technology in this day and age if they are to keep up with the fast-moving times.

We believe it is never too early to start children on the STEM route – in fact, the sooner kids begin learning about computer science, the easier they will have it as they pick up new technological concepts along the way. Our pirates game for kids aims to ease children of ages 3-7 into the current world of technology. Kids can pick up simple but fundamental concepts slotted into hand-held cards on a colourful and well-illustrated board. It’s the perfect head start you can give to both eager and technology-averse kids alike, where learning is so fun that it doesn’t even feel like an educational game at all! What’s more, it really works – 9out of 10 people were able to improve their understanding of key coding concepts after playing for just an hour.

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Potato Pirates Coding Card Game

10 Hours of Programming In 30 Minutes

✔ Perfect for all ages

✔ Non-stop hilarity and excitement

✔ Master the FUN-damentals of coding

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Enter The Spudnet Board Game

The most exciting way to learn cybersecurity and computer science in 1 hour! We mashed potatoes (pun intended) and networking concepts into this cyber-fueled board game for ages 10 and up to learn about networking and cybersecurity concepts - all without computers! This board game is designed for 2-6 players and is perfect for gamers, parents, and educators alike. 

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Potato Pirates: BattleChips

Building on the original Potato Pirates game, Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips is a revamped version with new mechanics, all while retaining its educational flavour!


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