Potato Pirates 2: Enter the Spudnet

Cyber Security with Potato Pirates

Have hours of fun with friends and family, sabotaging and messing with each other.

Cyber Security with Potato Pirates
2 -6 players

2 -6 players

30 -60 mins

30 -60 mins

Enter The Spudnet educational board game

Team or Free-for-all Gameplay

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Game rules for Potato Pirates board game enter the spudnet, one of the best stem board games


The title says it all. Utter chaos everywhere.

how to play potato pirates game Enter The Spudnet in cooperative mode

Co-operative Mode

Play against bots with our unique teamwork gameplay

how to play potato pirates game Enter The Spudnet in competitive mode

Be the Pirate King

Burn your friendships by continuously winning through legal sabotage.

Some Featured Cards

• All Ships and Warehouse Status structures on
the Warehouse will also be moved.

• If a Bot Ship lands on a Node with an existing Ship, it counts as a collision. • There can only be a maximum of 10 Bot Ships. Any additional Bot Ships will not be placed.

• There can only be a maximum of 3 Kraken Catapults on the map at any point in time. If a 4th Kraken Catapult is to be placed, shift an existing one instead.

Hear from the people who bought!


The game is great and fun. We thought it was easy at first but when you need to become strategical, everything will be difficult. This is also a great means to introduce cyber security terms to non-IT people.

Roswitha PlatzgummerCustomer

The game is made in good quality. It makes really fun to play it, for people who know something about cybersecurity, but as well, if you don't understand anything about it.

Matthew FischerParents

I personally love the game and it has been fun playing with kids (ages 7-13). As an IT person myself, it has fostered conversation about what the actions are and what they translate to in real world concepts. As well as just being fun to play!