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Potato Pirates Academy

Potato Pirates Academy

Welcome to the Potato Pirates Academy's captivating course designed specifically for young learners aged 7 to 12! This interactive and engaging program introduces kids to the world of coding and computational thinking through the imaginative lens of the Potato Pirates universe.

Learning Through Play
At the core of our curriculum is the innovative Potato Pirates: Battlechips board game. This game not only adds fun but is also a powerful tool for teaching coding concepts by bridging the gap between playtime and education, making coding less intimidating and more enjoyable for young learners. By adopting game-based educational frameworks, the experience of learning transforms into a thrilling journey where students acquire coding skills and develop a lifelong love for exploration and learning.
Yu Qian (Computer Science Educator)Hwa Chong Institution

Great combination of all the key concepts we teach in our computing syllabus!

USA Today NetworkMedia

With fuzzballs as the representations of your potato pirate crew, and cards that are funny and adorably-illustrated, Potato Pirates is STEM coding fun

Matthew FischerParent

I personally love the game and it has been fun playing with kids (ages 7-13). As an IT person myself, it has fostered conversation about what the actions are and what they translate to in real world concepts. As well as just being fun to play!

The New York TimesMedia

Potato Pirates is an excellent game in that it finds a unique way to introduce the simple concepts of coding, while also teaching problem solving and strategy skills

Mini Online Course: Quartermaster (Ages 7 - 9)

Mini Online Course: Quartermaster (Ages 7 - 9)

Quartermaster is a primary class for ages 7 - 9 is carefully designed to introduce computational thinking and coding through Scratch and Battlechips board game which fosters creativity and logical thinking. With expert instructors and age-appropriate content, students will gain confidence and tech literacy. Students will embark on an educational journey filled with joy and discovery, setting a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

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Mini Online Course: Captain Spud (Ages 10 - 12)

Mini Online Course: Captain Spud (Ages 10 - 12)

Captain Spud offers a holistic game-focused learning journey for upper primary students. Our online course is structured to gradually advance their understanding through interactive activities and guided projects will allow them to practically apply what they've learned, fostering creativity and confidence in both game design and coding. At the end of the course, students will emerge as the captains of their own imaginative coding and gaming domains!

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Battlechips Utilizes Toy-Based Pedagogy to Teach Programming

Potato Pirates: Battlechips isn't just another game; it's a revolutionary approach to education through play. Utilizing the concept of Toy-Based Pedagogy, this strategic game is not only exciting and enjoyable but also serves as an essential tool for introducing kids to the world of coding.

Why choose Potato Pirates Academy?

At Potato Pirates Academy, we believe learning should be engaging and fun. Our courses are carefully crafted to provide an immersive experience that nurtures your child's curiosity while equipping them with valuable coding skills. We understand that children learn best when actively involved, so we've integrated our unique card game, Battlechips, into the curriculum.

Certified STEM Excellence

Certified STEM Excellence

Our curriculum is certified by, ensuring excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Parents can rely on our alignment with top-tier standards, paving the way for their child's prosperous future.

Engaging Learning Experience

Engaging Learning Experience

The use of a board game as a teaching tool makes learning programming concepts engaging and exciting for children. The interactive nature of the game encourages active participation, fostering a deeper understanding of programming principles.

Early Exposure to Coding Concepts

Early Exposure to Coding Concepts

Early exposure to programming concepts equips children for a tech-driven world, offering insights into technology's workings. This foundation potentially paves the way for future success in related domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mini Coding Camp Online?

The Mini Coding Camp Online is a short and focused coding program designed to introduce participants to the world of coding in a dynamic and interactive virtual environment.

When is the Mini Coding Camp scheduled?

The Potato Pirates Academy's September Mini Online Coding Camp Online is scheduled for September 6th and 7th, 2023.

How do I register my child for the camp?

You can easily register your child for the camp by visiting our website and purchasing the class directly. Upon successful registration, we will promptly email you all the necessary access details and information about the class equipment your child will need for a fantastic learning experience.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions or need assistance. We can't wait to have your child join us at the Potato Pirates Academy September Holiday Camp!

What is the format of the classes?

All classes will be conducted online, allowing your child to participate from the comfort of your home. Our expert instructors will guide the camp sessions. The camp will span 5 days, with each day consisting of engaging sessions. For the Primary class (ages 7-9), each session will last 2 hours, while for the Upper Primary class (ages 10-12), each session will be 3 hours long. This schedule ensures that your child receives focused and interactive learning while still having plenty of time for other activities.

During the September Mini Online Coding Camp each day will consist of a single session, with a duration of 2 hours for Quartermaster course and 3 hours for Captain Spud course.

How will my child benefit from this camp?

Your child will develop essential skills such as coding basics, logical reasoning, strategic planning, and foster creativity. These skills are taught in a fun and interactive environment, enhancing their learning experience.

What will my child receive from this camp?

Your child will receive a comprehensive learning experience that includes all curriculum materials required for the camp. Additionally, before the camp even begins, each registered participant will receive their very own Battlechips card game. This game will be an essential tool throughout the camp, enhancing their understanding of coding and strategy in an interactive and enjoyable way.