Don’t be alert! You’ll find zero complicated coding syntax in our programming game. We mash computing concepts and fun strategic gameplay so you can learn as you play. The ships represent a block of code to run which are loaded with cards under your ships. The functions of each card are explicit, making it easy for players to strategize the attacks. For every ship you run, you’ve learned various ways how to use programming concepts.

Battlechips, learn advanced coding concepts


Master advanced coding principles in 30 minutes. Learn in-depth programming concepts such as Try/Catch, Recursion, Break, Throw, and many others!

Potato Pirates Battlechips is a strategic game


More thinking, more learning! Plan your maneuvers strategically because there are considerable ways of winning the game.

Battlechips has high replayability


Multiple captains and a shifting starting hand mean players are always greeted with something unexpected. There’ll be new strategies, new moves, and things to learn in every match!

Gerik Alexander GentryCustomer

Overall, I absolutely love this game! It’s ranked up there in my top favorite games. 5 out of 5 stars. A must for any family game night!

Yu JieEngineer and Gamer

Real gamification, fun gameplay and a good representation of concepts involved.

Adam WhalenCustomer

Potato Pirates is a brilliant gift that is ideal for those geeky families like ours ^_^ 11/10 I'm gonna order more to give as gifts to friends and family! 

Michael EvansCustomer

My son's and I have played this game several times and it is pretty fun. It can be played several different ways.