• Python 12 Hour Curriculum
  • Python 12 Hour Curriculum

Python 12 Hour Curriculum

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Are you a parent or CS/STEM educator who wants to introduce coding in a social and gamified way to your students? This 6-part curriculum is the perfect first step for any student with no prior background in coding to learn the fundamentals of computational thinking.

They will also engage in hands-on coding activities by learning Python, a popular programming language that is used in a variety of applications such as data analytics and artificial intelligence. 

This 6-part curriculum consists of:

  • Introduction - Learn Coding Through Play (Potato Pirates Card Game)
  • Chapter 1 - Variables
  • Chapter 2 - Lists and For Loops
  • Chapter 3 - While Loops & Conditionals
  • Chapter 4 - If-Else Conditional Statements
  • Chapter 5 - Functions
  • Annex - Coding Challenge Cards & Solutions

Each chapter comes with a lesson presentation slide deck and a brief set of accompanying teacher's notes.  

Suitable for both adults and children (ages 9 and up).