• Fun While Learning - Ultimate Coding Kit
  • Fun While Learning - Ultimate Coding Kit
  • Fun While Learning - Ultimate Coding Kit
  • Fun While Learning - Ultimate Coding Kit
  • Fun While Learning - Ultimate Coding Kit
  • Fun While Learning - Ultimate Coding Kit

Fun While Learning - Ultimate Coding Kit

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Relevant for all coding languages
Accelerates learning of Computer Science
Fun for all ages
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What's Include in the bundle

  • Enter The Spudnet is an interactive board game that immerses children in the world of cybersecurity. Kids will learn to strategize and protect digital data, offering a fun introduction to online safety and cyber threats in an adventurous, game-based format.

  • Battlechips engages players in the core concepts of coding through strategic gameplay. It's designed to teach logical thinking and problem-solving in programming, making it a captivating way for children to learn about algorithms and coding tactics.

  • These guides offer hands-on, screen-free activities focused on foundational coding concepts. Each eBook introduces one of these programming languages in an easy-to-understand, cover essentials from basic syntax to creating programs.

  • ★★★★★

    “I personally love the game and it has been fun playing with kids (ages 7-13). As an IT person myself, it has fostered conversation about what the actions are and what they translate to in real world concepts. As well as just being fun to play!”

  • ★★★★★

    “Potato Pirates is an excellent game in that it finds a unique way to introduce the simple concepts of coding, while also teaching problem solving and strategy skills.”

    The New York Times
  • ★★★★★

    “With fuzzballs as the representations of your potato pirate crew, and cards that are funny and adorably-illustrated, Potato Pirates is STEM coding fun!”

    USA Today Network
  • ★★★★★

    “Cybersecurity game but was pleasantly surprised that they have a coding game as well + cute plushies OMG! So happy to find this bundle. Will be getting more for Christmas presents for sure!”

  • ★★★★★

    “It's a unicorn: a computational thinking game that's unplugged and inexpensive. It won this year's #1 ranking!”

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  • Enter The Spudnet

    2 - 6 players | Ages 10+ | 30 to 60 minutes

  • Enter The Spudnet

    While playing our family board games, you will be exposed to cybersecurity concepts such as firewalls, malware, botnets, and many others.

  • 1x Enter the Spudnet + Co-Op

    These concepts are introduced in a fun byte-sized game so that everyone can enjoy playing. It’s a suitable choice for board games for kids to play on a game night.


  • Step 1

    Place Your Ships

  • Step 2

    Collect Your Potatoes

  • Step 3

    Play Your Cards

  • Step 4

    Sabotage other Ships

  • Battlechips

    Age 9+ | 6 Players | 30-60 Minutes

  • Battlechips

    Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips is a strategic card game with an exciting gameplay experience where you zap potatoes for energy, dig for sunken cards, and fortify yourself with powers and abilities to defeat enemy factions across the Carbobbean Seas.

  • Battlechips

    These concepts are introduced in a fun byte-sized game so that everyone can enjoy playing. It’s a suitable choice for board games for kids to play on a game night.

HOW TO PLAY Battlechips

  • Step 1

    Choose your Captain

  • Step 2

    Build Your Ship

  • Step 3

    Steal Resources

  • Step 4

    Amplify with Coding Cards

Solo Campaign

A digital comic book for your children to read and learn by themselves. A perfect solution if you would like them distracted for 48 hrs.

Quick-Start Guides to Mastering Coding

Introduce your child to the thrilling world of coding with our "Coding Fun" eBook series. Perfect for youngsters aged 8 and up, these guides offer an approachable introduction to Python, Scratch, and Java. Each book is designed for a fun and engaging learning experience, enabling kids to grasp programming basics in as little as 3 hours. Complement the digital knowledge with our screen-free coding games, blending learning with play to solidify concepts through real-world applications.

  • Coding Concepts

    ✅ Functions
    ✅ Algorithms
    ✅ Failure Conditions
    ✅ Programming Bugs
    ✅ For loops
    ✅ While loops
    ✅ Nested Loops
    ✅ Variables
    ✅ Boolean Statements
    ✅ Conditionals (If-else)

  • Coding Concepts

    ✅ Switch Statements
    ✅ Logical Operators
    ✅ Break
    ✅ Throw
    ✅ Try-Catch
    ✅ Recursion
    ✅ Zero Day Exploit
    ✅ Ransomware
    ✅ NFTs

Frequently Asked Questions

In our exclusive offer, you'll receive the following items:

  • 1x Enter The Spudnet: An immersive board game introducing cybersecurity concepts.
  • 1x Battlechips (Retail Edition): A board game focused on coding logic and strategies.
  • 2x Adorable Plushies: Soft, huggable companions to delight your young coder.
  • 3x Coding Activities Guide (Ebook): A trilogy of eBooks filled with engaging coding activities for continued learning.
  • 3x Programming Resources (Ebook): Essential guides for learning programming languages with ease.

Our games are designed to turn abstract coding concepts into engaging, tactile experiences. They teach through play, encouraging strategic thinking, problem-solving, and understanding of coding logic, which are fundamental to learning any programming language.

Our products are crafted for children aged 7 and up. However, we've seen people of all ages enjoy and learn from our coding games and resources.

Yes! In addition to our programming resources, we provide an extra set of 3 Coding Activities Guides absolutely free. These are specifically designed to introduce easy coding concepts to your kids without the need for constant screen time.

Absolutely. Our resources are user-friendly and intended for those with no prior coding knowledge. They're a great way to start learning alongside your child, making it a shared educational journey.

Our board games are uniquely designed to cover a variety of essential coding concepts. These include:

  • Basic Programming Logic and Sequence through 'Enter The Spudnet', where players strategize to navigate through cybersecurity challenges.
  • Problem-Solving and Logical Thinking in 'Battlechips', which focuses on coding strategies and tactics.
  • Understanding Variables and Data Types with playful activities in our ebooks and guides, making complex concepts accessible and engaging.
  • Arrays and Indexing are explored through interactive card games, teaching how data is organized and manipulated in coding.
  • Conditional Logic and Looping are made tangible and understandable in a fun and interactive setting.