By Codomo Singapore

5 Reasons To Be Potato King's BFF

5 reasons to be potato kin's BFF - Potato King Cartoon

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be best buddies with the King of Pirates?

Well, Potato King VII here would like to be your friend, too - so, on his behalf to all potential new friendships out there, we've compiled together 5 Reasons to be Potato King's BFF.

Potato King is super cute, helping to learn programming for kids


He's like that super adorable friend everyone can't help but compliment - you know, the kind where everyone just goes "Oh man how are you so cute?" However, Potato King's cuteness is highly contagious, so that means you're cute by association - isn't that awesome?


Potato King has a lot of experience in teach coding for kids

He's gone to the furthest reaches of the seven seas, and has lots of stories to tell you about his travels...assuming he can actually remember them. However, he'll never forget to bring you souvenirs and trinkets from his travels!

Potato King so clumsy but really good at computer science

Are you the kind who's constantly tripping over your own feet or falling up (or down) stairs? No worries! You'll have a partner in crime - err, we mean - solidarity! Potato King's clumsiness is legendary, and chances are, if you're his friend, you'll look like a graceful swan beside him. After all, it takes talent for a potato to stub their potatoes, considering they don't actually have any.

Potato king will come for your birthday parti, playing board games for family

I'm sure you know someone in your life, who, despite their best intentions, inadvertently ends up bailing on you during an event or party. Potato King's not one of them! He'll go to every single event or party you invite him to and be the best companion you could hope for.

That's of course, assuming he actually remembers your invitation but eh, details!

Potato King is an awesome friends for you to learn programming and computer science

Need we say more? Potatoes are wholesome, comforting, and most of all, tuberawesome and that alone should be enough reason to be Potato King's friend!

Potato King's always on the look-out for new friends and allies to help his on his tuberiffic quest, so if you'd like to be a bud-dy, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep in touch!