We are on a mission to democratize Computer Science and make it accessible to anyone - without any computers!

With our games we are:

🌏 Making Computational Thinking accessible to anyone

🚀 Accelerating learning through play

🛠️ Developing universally applicable STEM skills

📵 Removing screens altogether

👫 Introducing social interaction

Our Story

We are Codomo - a Singaporean Education Technology company on a mission to deliver delightful educational experiences through technology and design. Our journey started off with us running many STEM training programs for kids.

Through that and our own learning experiences in CS, we identified the following problems:

  • Learning to code is scary, espeically for adults.
  • The logic of Computational Thinking is rudimentary, it is the syntax that makes it so difficult.
  • STEM education introduces more screen time for children, we don't need anymore of that.
  • Many parents and teachers don't understand why kids need to learn to code and aren't involved in their kids' learning journey.
  • Basic Computational Thinking knowledge is essential in today's world.

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