We are Codomo - a Singapore-based education technology company on a mission to deliver delightful educational experiences through technology and design. We started off by inspiring learners through design and technology workshops (e.g. Build an app to redesign your waking up experience, 3D model your Pokeball, Christmas Lights with Arduino and etc.)

During our lessons, we used various unplugged tools to teach fundamentals of coding and one of them morphed into Potato Pirates. We launched it on Kickstarter so that more people could use it to spark the joy of learning coding with people around them. After the campaign, we received a lot of positive feedback from parents, educators and gamers. They loved the balance of excitement and educational value that the game delivers. Besides our raving backers, Potato Pirates was also awarded the international Good Design AwardSingapore Good Design Award and Core77 Education Design Award in 2018.