How To Play


Potato Pirates is a light-hearted yet competitive STEM party game and family game. It's easy to learn, difficult to master. Use coding concepts to Roast, Mash and Fry your opponents. Learn in minutes, play for hours. The most fun you will ever have while learning coding!
Potato Pirates coding card game to learn coding with games


Welcome to the Spudnet - the web that connects all ports in the Carbobbean Seas. Your task as a Potato Pirates is to be the most reliable delivery service on the Spudnet. Use your cyber abilities to fulfil potato orders to be the most reliable delivery service on the Spudnet. Compete with other factions or collaborate to stop the bots from conquering the Spudnet.
Enter The Spudnet, educational board games, best to teach internet networking concept


Battlechips is a strategic STEM computer science card game that introduces common Computer Science and Cybersecurity concepts through a tabletop game. Harvest energy by trading resources or by attacking other players. Use energy to purchase Power cards or NFTs from the Spudnet to gain the upper hand.
Battle chips, learn programming with games