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How To Play Enter The Spudnet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ability Cards

Do I have to follow the card recipe?

It is recommended to play with the card recipes for an optimal game experience. Avoid using the entire card deck because there will be too many things happening on the board. You could also choose two cards from each card category to cater to your own unique gameplay. If you are adventurous, feel free to try out any type of combination and share it with our fellow potato pirates!
As a guide:
- 2 to 3 Players: Choose 12 cards
- 4 to 6 Players: Choose 18 cards
When you think you have mastered the recipes, feel free to use the entire card deck for a game!

When can I use my ability cards?

Anytime during your turn. However, there are some cards that have "Play this card anytime." written below their card effects. You can play these cards even on other player's turn.
How many cards can be kept at the end of the round?
You can only have up to a maximum of 1 card in your hand at the end of the round. Any additional cards must be discarded and the next round begins (i.e. Draft, Place, Action).

Can "Recycle" be used on cards that were not chosen in the first round?

Yes, the discard pile consists of cards that have either been used by a player or cards that have not been chosen by the players during the drafting phase. However, cards that are not included in the current deck recipe do not count towards the discard pile.

What happens if a player recycles a "Priority Packet" card?

In the unlikely case of such a play, please play a "Deny" card. That guy is going to win the game after all.
But in all seriousness, if such a play happens, the last player that played the card starts first.

What happens if the Order goes onto the same node after someone plays "Man-in-the-Middle"?

During a "Man-in-the-Middle", the Ship's goods are intercepted by a potato-in-the-middle so the Ship will be removed from the board immediately. Then, throw the die to locate the real location of the Order. It can be on the same node but you would have to dispatch another Ship there to fulfil it again.

Can a Ship still move after "Tunnelling"?

No. Ships moved using the "Denial of Service", "Tunneling" or "Proxy" cards, lose their 2 free movement 'allowance'. They cannot move until the next round, unless moved using ability cards.

If I use "Tsunami", can the Ships go past Firewalls?

The rules for firewalls still apply, meaning it is up to the discretion of the player who placed that firewall.
When I use a "Tsunami", can I increase Node number from 8 directly to 1 (and vice versa)?
Yes, wrap-around is possible.

When I use a "Tsunami", is the increase/decrease independent for each Ship?

No, your choice affects all ships in that zone.

What happens if I use "Tsunami" and three Ships that were previously on a Warehouse are moved to a node without a Warehouse?

Those three Ships will be destroyed since not more than one Ship can be on a node without a warehouse.

Can my ship still move its free two spaces after using "Intranet"?

Yes, provided that it did not move before using "Intranet".

Can a movement card such as "Intranet" overwrite other existing movement restrictions?

Yes, movement cards can overwrite each other. However, if a ship has a restriction placed onto it (by cards such as "High & Dry"), it no longer has its 2 free movement allowance.
Can "Redirect" move Ships that are previously affected by cards like "High & Dry" when they are on the Warehouse being moved?
Yes. "Redirect" is considered as teleporting so movement restrictions do not apply.
Can "Deny" remove structures that are already on the board?
No, "Deny" only prevents card effects at the moment when the card being denied is played.
Structures that are already placed previously are not affected.

Can I play the "Leeching" card on a Warehouse that is already ransomed by another player?

Yes, though "Ransomware" takes precedence because a ransomed Warehouse is unable to produce any Ships that can be ransomed.
However If the ransom is paid in the next place phase, the leech will apply.


If I use "Intranet", can the Ships go past Firewalls?

No, "Intranet" is not teleporting so you still have to follow the routes.
Firewalls take precedence so if a Ship cannot proceed on because of a Firewall, it will stay in that spot.

Where can I place structures?

There are 3 locations where structures can be placed. Either on empty routes, empty nodes or Warehouses. For empty routes, it refers to routes that do not have an existing structure unit. For empty nodes, it refers to nodes without Warehouses, Ships, Orders or structures. 

What happens when I play "Firewall" a third time?

Each player only has two Firewall structures and if a player plays it a third time, he/she is able to move one of the existing Firewall structures to another empty route.

What happens when I play "Kraken Catapult" a fourth time?

There are only a total of 3 on the board at any one point in time. If all three Kraken Catapult tokens are on the board, shift an existing one instead. 
This also applies for "Static Route".

What happens to structures when a player gets overloaded?

All of that player's Firewalls & Warehouse Status Structures will be removed from the board. If that player had played either "Kraken Catapult" or "Static Route", these do not get removed.

Bot Ships

What happens when I use botnet and there is a Ship there?

Both the Bot Ship and player Ship will be destroyed because of the Ship Collision rule.

Can I use card effects on Bot Ships?

A Bot Ship is the same as a player Ship except that it cannot fulfil any Orders.
Bot Ships do not belong to any player.
For any card effects that mentions "choose any Ship", it can be applied to Bot Ships as well.

What happens when I use either "Botnet" or "Trojan" and there are not enough Bot Ships?

There can be a maximum of 10 Bot Ships on the board at any one time.
If there are already 10 Bot Ships in play, both "Botnet" and "Trojan" effects are rendered useless.

However, if there are 9 Bot Ships in play:
For "Trojan", only convert one Ship to a Bot Ship at any one Warehouse. For "Botnet", you can only place one Bot Ship upon rolling the die, so only choose 1 zone.


How do I have more Ships on the board?

You get to place 2 Ships on the board at the start of every round during the Place phase.
What is the maximum number of Ships that I can have?
Each player can have a maximum of 6 Ships in play at any point in time. If you already have 6 Ships in the current round, do not place any additional Ships. If you have 5 Ships in play already, choose 1 warehouse and place only 1 Ship in that round.

Will my Ships collide with one another?

Yes, a collision is a collision regardless of the colors of the Ships. You can also collide with Bot Ships.

What happens to Ships when overloading happens?

All Ships on the overloaded Warehouse are destroyed even if it contains Ships from other players.
The same applies to the other Warehouse of the overloaded player. No ships can enter these Warehouses this round since the player is resetting his systems.
All Ships (yes, even those outside of the Warehouse) & structures belonging to that overloaded player are destroyed as well.
The "Hired Help" card does not protect Ships from an overloading attack.

Can my Ships jump over other players' Ships?

This is not checkers, there is no jumping over in this game. If there is another player's Ship in the way, both your Ships will collide.

If I only have two Ships left but I can place at more than 2 possible places (due to the effect of "Leeching"), can I choose which of the 3 to place?

Yes, that's right.

Can my Ship fulfil 2 Orders by moving through one Order and then landing on another? Or can my Ship collide with another Ship before/after fulfilling an Order?

No, Ships are removed the moment they fulfil an Order. They cannot be used to collide with another Ship or fulfil another Order.

Can I play a card between the 2 moves of a particular Ship? For example, move Ship A by 1 node, play a card, move Ship A again by another node.

No, you can only play ability cards before or after a particular Ship's movement allowance.

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Whether you are looking to enhance your kids’ grasp of computer science or need a catalyst to get them interested in the STEM field, we have got just the solution for you. If you’re looking for a board game for kids, our cybersecurity card game promises to deliver what you need.

One of the best board games for kids and adults, Enter The Spudnet teaches cybersecurity concept