By Codomo Singapore

Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips, A Spud-Techular Coding Card Game Coming To Port Soon!

Now that restrictions all around the world begin to ease up and people are more available to head back to school and events and school. Life begins to look a little more like how it used to be before the pandemic. This just means that stuff like board game nights is on a comeback! What better way to commemorate a well-deserved get-together than to play the Brand New edition to the Potato Pirates franchise; Battlechips!


Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips is now finally ready for the public to order! After a successful launch on Kickstarter that raised over $120,000. We have constructed two versions; the Retail and Kickstarter Editions that both come with unique game tokens and cards that provide a different experience to whichever game you’ve purchased! Battlechips is designed to be an exciting strategic game for first-timers and a natural progression for someone who has played our first and/or second game. Similar to our previous 2 games, Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips comes packed with educational value - expanded to include a host of new Computer Science and Cybersecurity concepts, introducing more breadth, depth, and variety of complex coding principles.

How are they similar?

Potato pirates vs Battlechips
Now compared to the first game, Battlechips is very much similar and different in a lot of aspects! But to keep it simple within our first game Potato Pirates, let us look at what's similar.

The objective of the game; Both games have a very similar objective that you need to complete to win the game and that's pretty simple, be the last potato standing!

Both games have the main component that makes the games function as well and it's having two main types of cards; Action and Control cards. These cards are the main way to deal damage and strategize in Battlechips.

Finally, apart from the first two, our iconic soft potatoes are back as well! Fluffy tan and soft Potato balls are back from the first game to represent your trusty potato crew!

How are they different?

Of course, with all that's similar you might be wondering what's so different about the game and why you should even spend any money on it right? Don't worry we’re gonna get to that right now!

A whole new look; We have specially crafted the game to be nice and colorful to be a joy for anyone to look at with cute and unique graphics and game components not limited to the 4 color scheme from the first game.


We’ve added a new component called the ‘Power cards’ that help enhance the gameplay of Battle. Having a whole new phase dedicated to revealing the power cards that can spring surprises to your enemies!


We heard all your suggestions about being more unique in the characters we control and we’re glad to let you know that there are now Unique Captain Cards that you can choose! Be careful though, the captains you choose could either be a double-edged sword or slightly more powerful than the rest!


You probably have heard of NFTs by now. In Battlechips, NFTs take an interesting spin. They are unique objects and companions that allow you to do bonus actions like stealing 1 potato crew from all players. Each player can only own a maximum of 2 NFTs that help you in battle in ways that you wouldn't expect!

Finally, we address the main selling point, concepts of programming! Branching from our first game, we now cover more advanced concepts of programming fundamentals in a fun and gamified way such as Try-Catch, Break, Throw, and Recursion which explain how each term works with its unique game mechanics!


Carbbobean Seas Chronicles

One of the new editions to Battlechips is the brand new solo campaign mode - The Carbobbean Seas (CS) Chronicles. Did you see what we did there with the CS abbreviation? You know, CS - Computer Science...


You take on the role of Kidd to complete puzzles and battle against scary enemies that you come across on your adventure! CSC is a fun and educational guide with a compelling storyline and memorable characters that focuses on teaching fundamental computer science concepts. The CS Chronicles will be available as a digital download and will take you through a variety of challenging situations that will put your coding skills to the test, even if you are a seasoned programmer.


Fun and Educational at the same time?

Battlechips is a fun, competitive, and engaging game for people of all ages! Making it entertaining and educational by covering Computer Science Concepts in an engaging manner. Easy to learn for kids and adults who are just getting started with programming!

Aiding in the development of unique problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and complex analytic skills, all of which aid in the development of strategy confidence in a fun and gamified manner is exactly why computer science is so important.

Final Thoughts

Potato Pirates Battlechips is a fun board game that anyone over the age of 10 can enjoy. It's the ideal game to bring over for a fun board game night with friends and/or family to compete against one another and win! Battlechips is also versatile enough to be used as a teaching tool for advanced computer science concepts to students and any beginner interested in learning more about programming.

Battlechips has a lot to offer, compared to just reading educational books that do not do much in terms of holistic learning. This game not only includes educational value, gameplay optimization to fit any strategy the player sees fit, and finally, unpredictability, where any action taken in the game can result in a game-changing moment that can swing the situation in your favor or throw the strategies that were spent building out the window in a flash!

Potato Pirates Battlechips is available for anyone to purchase this coming June! Don't miss it!