Ideas to make Christmas with family special on pandemic

7 Innovative Ways How To Make Christmas 2021 Special

Travel restrictions have eased in many countries and it makes made this year's Christmas cozier than the last, more families are able to meet physically and spend the holidays together. However, during the festive parties, we spend lots of time in the living room while waiting till the turkey and gravy potato is on the table. We are here to help! 

Here are 7 innovative tips for celebrating Christmas with some fun family activities that you can do both offline and online for those who are not able to travel to meet their families.

1. The Family of the Traveling Tablecloth

Creating a family heirloom together on Christmas can be fun

Creating a family heirloom can be very meaningful. Find unique inspiration on what you want to make together with the whole family and pass it down through the years. To take one inspiration, remember the movie "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"? Instead of pants, we gonna send a tablecloth to all family members. Make a simple embroidery or use a fabric pen to create your signature or name. Then send it to the following family member's address.


2. Organize Family Photo Albums

 Organizing Family Photo Albums together with Potato Pirates family

Organizing old photo albums can be overwhelming when you're doing it alone. Use this particular time to make all family members participate in organizing family photo albums. Prepare the old photos and add the newest ones to create a unique photo album. Don't forget to put this Thanksgiving memory on that album.


3. Family Card Games

Playing fun educational table top games with family on Christmas

There's nothing worse than feeling bored on the day you should be having fun. Playing card games that kids and adults can play together will light up the room. Although some card games have a certain age to play, there's some card game for family you can still play. Have everyone place their phone away and turn off the TV. Game on!


4. Enjoy Online Secret Santa

Online secret Santa to celebrate Christmas on pandemic

The classic gift exchange that everyone waits for is not only for in-house or office gatherings. Make something different this year by doing it virtually. Only need one person to organize the recipient data and share it with all family members (secretly), text them to whom they're going to send the gift. Prepare your Christmas gift now, and be the best Santa to your beloved one. 


5. Virtual Dinner Party in GatherTown

Enjoy online family dinner on Christmas using Gathertown

Still can't go back home when Christmas is right around the corner? Maybe it's time for you to make another plan, so you're not gonna miss family dinner. Just set up a laptop near the dining table, invite all the family members to join in GatherTown and enjoy your turkey like how you normally would. After dinner, you can play GatherTown games with the whole family.

6. Host A Family Board Games Night

Playing the best family board games, Enter The Spudnet

Decide a board game that you and your crew will play. There's a lot of parent child games that you can play. Pick one board game and have a friendly competition while waiting for good food ready, but having an appetizer for snacks while playing the game won't hurt. 

7. Jokes Competition

Family jokes competition on Christmas dinner party

When it comes to family fun activities, don't miss this one. Jokes competition is an excellent idea to bring laughter and bond with the entire family. If you're having a virtual family gathering, then you can try one of the games in Cosmos, "Who Said It Best".

Final Thoughts 

What makes Christmas gathering important is that we always spare some time to gather with our family on that day. The activity on Christmas is not just about eating and watching together or setting up the decoration. There're so many activities that we can do together and create memorable moments every year. Playing family board games or exchanging gifts can be one of many fun activities options when you can be together on Christmas day. But if you can't be physically present on that day, then try to do it virtually.

Virtual Christmas can be as fun as you celebrate it at home. In recent times, many options of new platforms you can use to host a virtual family gathering. Having a virtual family dinner on zoom or google meets can be one of the lists you can do. To make it more fun, try on Cosmos or GatherTown. Besides eating, you have fun family games to do like "Draw Battle" or "Who Said It Best"

At the end of the day, this holidays tells us to give thanks and show our appreciation. So, any activity count as new memories with our family, whether you celebrate it at home in person or virtually. Hopefully, these innovative ideas can make your holidays in 2021 more memorable.