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Potato Pirates: Enter The Spudent is a strategic point-to-point movement and card drafting game.

In the competitive mode, players fend off cyber attacks while lauching their own to gain control of the Spudnet. Be the first to fulfill all your orders to win!

In co-operative mode, players rally together to stop the bots from taking over the Spudnet. Take down the bots before they take you down!

How to win in Enter The Spudnet educational board game


Potato Pirates Enter The Spudnet, What's in the box

Check out the official rules for gameplay instructions.

Adam ShostackCybersecurity Expert, Author

The game looks and feels fantastic. Frankly, a lot of the security games in my collection either look ort feel flimsy, and that sends an unfortunate message.

Yu QianComputer Science Educator

Great combinations of all the key concepts we teach in our computing syllabus!

Print & Play version available in over 20 languages here, courtesy of our loyal fans and contributors