• Enter The Spudnet + Co-op
  • Enter The Spudnet + Co-op
  • Enter The Spudnet + Co-op
  • Enter The Spudnet + Co-op
  • Enter The Spudnet + Co-op
  • Enter The Spudnet + Co-op
  • Honeypot card: "Place a honeypot taken on any empty node. All bot ships within 3 nodes will prioritize movement towards it"
  • Enter The Spudnet + Co-op
  • Enter The Spudnet + Co-op

Enter The Spudnet + Co-op

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Bite-size nuggets of information on this pirates board game make it easy for you to introduce your kids step-by-step to the world of cybersecurity, including concepts such as packets, encryption, proxies, firewalls, and intranet.
Relevant for all backgrounds
Accelerates learning of Computer Science
Fun for all ages
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  • What's In The Box

    2 - 6 players | Ages 8+ | 30 to 60 minutes

  • Enter The Spudnet

    While playing our family board games, you will be exposed to cybersecurity concepts such as firewalls, malware, botnets, and many others.

  • 1x Enter the Spudnet + Co-Op

    These concepts are introduced in a fun byte-sized game so that everyone can enjoy playing. It’s a suitable choice for board games for kids to play on a game night.


  • Step 1

    Choose your color & place Your ships

  • Step 2

    Travel around the map & collect your potato crew

  • Step 3

    Play cards like wormhole or backdoor to travel around faster

  • Step 4

    Others may use cards like firewall to prevent you from travelling certain paths

Print & Play version available in over 20 languages here, courtesy of our loyal fans and contributors

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How to play!

  • ★★★★★

    “I personally love the game and it has been fun playing with kids (ages 7-13). As an IT person myself, it has fostered conversation about what the actions are and what they translate to in real world concepts. As well as just being fun to play!”

  • ★★★★★

    “Potato Pirates is an excellent game in that it finds a unique way to introduce the simple concepts of coding, while also teaching problem solving and strategy skills.”

    The New York Times
  • ★★★★★

    “With fuzzballs as the representations of your potato pirate crew, and cards that are funny and adorably-illustrated, Potato Pirates is STEM coding fun!”

    USA Today Network
  • ★★★★★

    “Cybersecurity game but was pleasantly surprised that they have a coding game as well + cute plushies OMG! So happy to find this bundle. Will be getting more for Christmas presents for sure!”

  • ★★★★★

    “It's a unicorn: a computational thinking game that's unplugged and inexpensive. It won this year's #1 ranking!”


Cybersecurity Concepts

Network Security Basics
Encryption Techniques
Phishing and Social Engineering
Secure Password Practices
✅ Firewalls and Defense Mechanisms
✅ Malware Awareness
✅ Data Privacy Principles

Frequently Asked Questions

Playing "Enter The Spudnet" teaches children key cybersecurity concepts, including network security, data encryption, and malware recognition. The game also promotes strategic thinking, problem-solving, and understanding the importance of protecting personal and sensitive information online.

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