Teach Fundamentals of Programming In 30 Minutes

Give your students an impactful learning experience with our critically-acclaimed coding card game and comprehensive lesson plan

Teach fundamentals of programming in 30 minutes with Potato Pirates Coding card game

Our Python Lesson Plan

Our resources for educators are the perfect first step for any student with no prior background in coding to learn the fundamentals of computational thinking.

They will also engage in hands-on coding activities by learning Python, a popular programming language that is used in a variety of applications such as data analytics and artificial intelligence. Take a sneak peek into our presentation slides below!


Andrew MeileComputer Science Teacher

We are playing cards today in our programming courses. Potato Pirates is a great way to do some “programming” off computers.

Susie Honsinger Computer Science Teacher

I teach computers and technology to students ages 5 through 14. Students 8 through 14 adore the game, as do I. It's kind of hilarious and fun to play in a group and they are learning some basic programming and computational thinking.

J.D. DeVaughn-BrownComputer Science Teacher

I'm teaching computer science at K-12 school and was extremely excited to get a game that used physical components away from a computer to teach programming concepts. I think it can help students focus on the concepts away from the distractions of the internet.

Mrs. HammickComputer Science Teacher

My CS1 students play Potato Pirates to have some fun while learning new computer science terms.


How to teach kid coding with potato pirates game

Start the game immediately

It will take you less than a minute to get started and enjoy our fun coding games. Don’t even worry about laptops, software installation, and internet connection

Learn and play pirate card games

Gamify your lesson

Don’t overwhelm your students with programming syntax, instead get them interested by gamifying the experience. Embed games as compulsory activities for students in classroom.

Potato Pirates card games for kids

Foster peer interaction

Engage students with an enriching and interactive classroom programming activity all without computer. Social learning experience is also an important factor on how to teach coding effectively.


Reduce excessive screen time for students and efficiently achieve learning outcomes with Potato Pirates. Our coding card game helps students understand basic programming concepts covered in 10 hours worth of computer science lessons in just 1 hour of play.


Potato Pirate card games rise in interest to learn programming

Rise In Interest

Potato Pirate card games rise in confidence to learn programming

Increase In Confidence

Potato Pirate card games showed improvement in understanding programming concepts

Showed improvement

Potato Pirate card games help understand fo loops concept

Understood & applied "for loops"

Potato Pirate card games help understand fo while concept

Understood & applied "while loops"

Potato Pirate card games help understand fo if else and nested loops concept

Understood & applied "if else" & "nested loops"