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What's In The Bundle

Potato Pirates: Battlechips Retail Edition

2-6 players | Age 10+ | 30 to 60 minutes

Potato Pirates: Battlechips is the latest in our collection of STEM games. It covers advanced Computer Science and Cybersecurity concepts.

Play as a Potato Pirate Captain as you zap potatos for energy, dig for sunken cards, and fortify yourself with powers and abilities to defeat enermy factions across the Carbobbean Seas. It's perfect for kids and adults!

What's inside:

- 18 x Ship Cards
- 6 x Captain Character Cards
- 12 x Resource Holder Cards
- 105 x Battlechips Cards
- 120 x Energy Tokens
- 100 x Potato Crews
- 60 x Power Cards
- 12 x Spudnet Cards
- 36 x Upgrade Tokens
- 1 x Starting Player Token

Potato Pirates: Enter The Spudnet

2 - 6 players | Ages 10+ | 30 to 60 minutes

A board game that will allow you to visualize and understand cybersecurity and how the internet works!

Explore cybersecurity concepts such as firewalls, malware, botnets, and so many others.

Comes with competitive and co-operative modes.

What's inside:

- 20 x Ability Cards
- 6 x Reference Cards
- 6 x Ship Bot Tokens
- 36 x Orders Tokens
- 36 x Warehouse Tokens
- 12 x Firewall Crews
- 6 x Arrow and Kraken Tokens
- 2 x Denial of Service Tokens
- 6 x 8-sided dice
- 1 x Game Board

Potato Pirates Coding Card Game: 2nd Edition

3-6 players | Ages 7+ | 15 to 45 minutes 

Potato Pirates is a multiple award-winning coding game, proudly launched its second edition on Kickstarter! Embark on an exhilarating journey that introduces fundamental Computational Thinking concepts in a gamified and entertaining manner. This game isn't just about learning; it's a fantastic addition to your party or family game night. With the second edition, we've enhanced the gameplay and added exciting new rules, making it easier than ever to learn in minutes and play for hours!

What is in the game:
- 18 Ship Tokens
- 36 Action Cards
- 29 Control Cards
- 24 Surprise Cards
- 7 Potato King Cards
- 1 Instruction Booklet
- 120 Potato Crew with Storage Bag (30 Big Puff Balls & 90 Small Puff Balls)

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