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Is it Possible for Kids to Learn Coding with Games if They Don’t Have a Computer?

Have you been aiming to teach your kids coding but don’t have a computer for them to use? Fortunately, it is perfectly possible for your kids to learn coding just as well whether they have a computer or not! The best thing is you don’t even have to be a programming expert to do it (learn coding with kids sounds easier, doesn't it?). Read on to find out more about how to teach kids coding without a computer.

Why Learn to Code?

It is impossible to ignore the numerous benefits of having your kids learn to code. Naturally, coding helps your kids get familiar with using technology, a key driving factor in companies and organisations worldwide. In today’s digital world, coding is not just a luxury, but an essential survival skill that will definitely give your child a leg up when they enter school, the workforce, and even their social circles.
Apart from hard skills, coding also imbues your children with valuable soft skills that will stick with them as they grow up. Coding teaches kids to exercise their problem-solving abilities, practice logical thinking, think out of the box, and moreover, to never give up. These qualities are just a few of the many benefit your child can reap when they learn to code. So yes, learn coding with kids is definitely one of the most important agendas for parents.

Kids Can Learn Coding with Games!

Educational Games

Games are often heralded as one of the most time-consuming activities kids like to indulge in, with little to no educational benefit. However, this could not be further from the truth. While it is true that some games do little to enrich a child’s mind, don’t let one bad apple spoil the lot – there are still plenty of fun and educational coding games for kids out there that can help your child learn how to code.

An added benefit learn coding with games are typically played on digital devices such as tablets or smartphones, which can help your kids learn to operate such devices so they will have an easier time adapting to technology in the future.

Since educational coding games cater to children of different ages and experience levels, we recommend searching for coding games for kids that are suitable for specific ages.

Another option to engage with your kids is through educational board games that are designed for kids to learn coding. Best STEM board games for kids should be easy to understand and make your children feel like they are playing rather than learning.

Whichever you prefer, just keep in mind that the best games are able to combine fun with concepts, making the process to learn coding with kids enjoyable that your kids will be begging for more! Set aside some game time for your kids every day and let them pick up the basics of coding. This method is able to capture the interest of little ones while preparing them for the real deal.

Tutorial Apps

If you have a tablet or smartphone for your child, another way to let them pick up coding is to install coding tutorial apps and have them practice for some time each day. Tutorials guide your kids step by step, from the simplest “hello world” outputs to full-fledged, advanced applications. However, not all tutorial apps are geared specifically for young children, so you may have to be around to supervise and explain concepts to your kids if they do not understand it fully.
There are plenty of free coding tutorials out there, making it easy to get started to learn coding with kids, without having to invest a single cent.

Coding Toys

Even if you do not have digital coding games at your disposal, there are still physical toys that can help you teach your kids to code. For instance, you can get your children a robot kit and have them assemble it. This hands-on approach may not exactly be the same as coding, but it still teaches your kids the same basic skills that coding does, such as logical thinking, problem solving and creativity. It also familiarises them with the different components of a basic computer and shows them how these components can work together to make a robot. With simple instructions and pictures that even the youngest of children can follow, your kids are sure to have a blast creating their very own robot and learning the fundamentals behind coding in the process!

Coding Classes

A sure-fire way for your children to learn coding is to sign them up for coding classes. Most coding classes, especially those for young children, have their own games and interactive tools to engage your kids and get them interested in coding. If you are not confident in teaching your kids to code, or perhaps do not have the time to do so, placing them in the hands of a professional is the next best thing.

Early Exposure is Key

Of course, for the best results, we still suggest looking into getting a computer to learn coding with kids. Although coding games, tutorials and toys can give kids a head start in learning to code, it is still best to expose them to the real coding as early as possible, so that they can get used to the functionalities and controls of a computer program. The benefits of teaching your kids to code are well worth the investment!

If you aren't sure which game to start with, we recommend Potato Pirates! Each round is quick and fun, introducing your children all the basic coding concepts they will need. Once they are in for a challenge, Battlechips might be the right level up. These STEM board games for kids can be your way-in to teach coding without using computer.
Hope you've enjoyed this guide on how to teach kids coding with games. Check out our related article on gamification of computer science. And remember, kids can indeed learn coding with games!


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