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Try these activities to strengthen parent-child relationships and communication

Is knowing this even important?

Parent child communication activities are important in fostering a close bond between you and your child. Children are especially vulnerable to the dangers of the world, and it is important to make sure that they feel comfortable talking to you so that you can address any red flags as they come. Parent-child games are great ways to create a relationship that features strong communication between both parent and child! Through games like our coding card games, Potato Pirates, you can work together or come up with strategies to win the game.

But before that, understanding and identifying your parenting style can help you discover the possible effects it may have on your child. As a parent, you probably want to bring your child up in a way you think best nurtures the values you want them to have. Although you might be giving it your all trying to raise them well, it's tough to know if you've checked all the right boxes till they actually grow up. That's where knowing how different parenting styles accentuate different behaviours and habits in children comes into the picture. The better you can utilise various styles based on the outcome you want, the more likely you'll see your desired end result. Equally as important is the fact that each child is unique and just like how the education system isn't one size fits all, parenting style shouldn't be either. So it's imperative for parents to be self aware and identify what your child needs to help them grow in a holistically enriching environment.

One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.

- Jim DeMint

Now that you know which Potato Pirate Parent you are, here are the various activities and games you can play with your kids to further foster a nurturing relationship with them.

Quatermaster Maris Piper - potato pirates programming and computer science games mascot

Quartermaster Maris Piper

Authoritarian Parenting Style:

The authoritarian parent tends to keep a tighter hold on their children, creating lots of structure and rules for them to follow. You prefer to make the decisions for your child, believe you should have the final say in all matters and don't need to explain your decisions to anyone. While you can ensure the safety of your child with this parenting style, it may come with some unintended effects. According to research, children with authoritarian parents may become hostile or aggressive possibly because they lack the avenue to express themselves. This parenting style has also been associated with kids having low self esteem, being good liars and not being able to make rational decisions.

Want to bridge the gaps in your relationship? Trying some of these games might just do the trick:


Ice breaker games with friends games, such as board games


Human Knot Icebreaker (Ideal for 4 or more players)

To play, first get all players to stand in a circle with outstretched arms. Then each player holds onto 2 other people's hands, avoiding the hands of those directly on either side of them. The aim of the game is to untangle all the human arm knots by twisting, turning, going over and under each others' arms without letting go of any hands.

While playing, try to take a back seat and follow the directions your kid provides so they can gain confidence in speaking up and presenting their ideas. Or, you could talk your child through your thought process to aid their understanding of the reasons behind your suggestion. That would help teach them how to rationalise when making decisions. Continuing to set up such interactions could create a less stressful environment for open communication.

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Captain: Potato King VII 

Authoritative Parenting Style:
The authoritative parent tends to be warmer and more responsive to their children. And although they do set rules and structure for their children, they do it in greater moderation and provide explanations for their decisions to do so. You believe that your child learns and cooperates best when you reason with them so that you can see eye to eye more easily. You encourage your child to communicate openly with you and that has been considered most effective in building a balanced relationship.

We know threading that fine line between being too strict and too much like a friend is a tough job! So these games might help you maintain that balance:

ping pong balls bonding game parent-child activities 

Pong Tac Toe (Ideal for 2 or more players)

This game requires just an egg tray and a pack of plastic balls/anything that you can use to replace ping pong balls. Simply set up the tray and blindfold the player who is tossing the balls. The tosser will be positioned 2 arms length from the tray. The other player will give the blindfolded tosser instructions to make a successful shot. Within a time limit of 60 seconds, both players compete to see who scores more points (the score player 1 gets is the amount of shots player 2 scores when player 1 is giving directions).

Active communication will be essential throughout the duration of the game. So this boosts confidence in speaking to each other and being able to accept and follow the directions being given by either party. The competitive aspect of this will not only get their adrenaline pumping but allow both players to interact as friends would. Get your playful side out and indulge in a little healthy competition!


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Quartermaster Guadacho

Permissive Parenting Style:

The permissive parent is often lenient and only steps in when there are severe issues. You champion open communication and it shows when you encourage your children to confide in you. You are almost as close to your child as they are to their best friend. Rules and restrictions also aren't your priority, and you let your child decide almost everything for themselves. However, giving too much freedom to your child may lead to them overlooking authority.

Having a couple more no's could provide the structure that your child needs. Here are some suggestions to encourage that.


Playing coding card game to rise interest in computer science for kids 

Coding Games

Coding games like Potato Pirates are a great way to connect with your kids . Besides spending quality time with your kid, it also gives you the chance to be more firm when reminding them to stick to the rules of the game if they try to cut corners.

Plus, given the nature of coding, the specific order and logic that must be followed to achieve a comprehensive result will reinforce the need to stick to guidelines. This teaches them that even if it is just a game, there are still standards that should not be compromised. Show them that following guidelines in seemingly insignificant situations is as important as following them in more significant occasions.

The Russet Minions - potato pirates educational card games mascot

 The Russet Minions  

Uninvolved Parenting Style:

The uninvolved parent is often occupied with work, household demands and paying bills. They tend to have little knowledge of what their child is doing and their whereabouts. The child may struggle with self-esteem issues and perform poorly in school as a result of the detached relationship.

Fret not, it's not all grey skies ahead! Here are several things you can try to better your relationship with your child:

Parent child bonding relationship activities from potato pirates

Volunteer at a Mission

Volunteering not only opens your child up to an enriching experience but also enables you to connect with your child on a level typically not achievable in day to day life. When thrown into an unfamiliar environment, it makes each party that much more dependent on each other for support and company.

Steering through this new adventure together could be the turning point of your relationship as both of you enter the situation with the same knowledge and learn on the same plane. It exemplifies to your child what you stand for and gives you the chance to communicate with your child socially and emotionally. Research has shown that volunteering alongside your family members strengthens bonds so step out of the norm to get a couple of days off work for a short mission trip.

 Battle ships - board games effective in teaching young kids by potato pirates

Board Games

One of the best parent child communication activities you can do is scheduling a game night. This would be a great way to connect with your child while doing something fun. Some examples are Battleship, Monopoly, and Risk. Such games involve communication plus they provide a common topic or area of interest that can become conversation starters for you. Games like these are awesome as you will have to work closely with your child to reach the end. Don't be afraid to battle it out to the end and spur some competition! 

 enter the spudnet cybersecurity games


Potato Pirates — Enter the Spudnet is a board game inspired by how the Internet works. That's why it's also known as cybersecurity game. This pirates game is perfect for family bonding and learning the Internet together. Dispatch ships, fulfill orders and dodge cyber-attacks while learning a thing or two about network and cybersecurity.

Potato-pirating as a family can help you understand one another better-including each other’s tactical strengths and weaknesses! You can discuss and experiment the different strategies over the dinner table, encouraging effective communication as you navigate through the obstacles that come with the game.

Apart from teaching the family coding concepts, this executive functioning game can help to sharpen the mind. Different strategies such as negotiation and teamwork can be employed to win the game. This encourages the development of social skills that are important not only in the navigation of the game, but also life!

Most importantly, the thrill of this stem board game also helps to relieve stress from work and school. Here’s an idea- enjoy a riveting game of Potato Pirates while munching on steamed potatoes. May the potato force be with you.

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