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Frequently Asked Questions


When do I switch from Anchor to Battle or vice versa?

The switch from Anchor to Battle happens when you decide to launch an attack built under that ship. Switching from Anchor to Battle is only legitimate in 2 scenarios:

1) Control and Action cards were placed under your ship on the previous turn AND you have not modify (the sequence, add or remove cards) the cards under that ship.

2) It is your turn, you hijack a ship (on your turn or another player's turn) AND you did not modify any cards under that ship. You may switch that hijacked ship from Anchor to Battle immediately.

Switch from Battle to Anchor only happens on the next turn after you launch an attack. There should be no cards under the Battle ship as they should have been discarded.

Can I put a ship in battle mode even if it has no action/control cards loaded (i.e. to protect it from being hijacked?)

The strategy is interesting and possible. However, doing that does not protect your ship from being attacked. Also note that you can't build any attacks under ships that are in Battle mode.

Can I build on a ship in anchor and then switch to battle before ending my turn?

No. See answer above. Ship that you modify in your turn cannot be turned to Battle in the same turn. You must wait till your next turn.

Control Cards

When I have an If-Else card, it attacks all ships, does it attack the other ships you own too?

Potato War no friendly fire. Only attack enemy ships.

Surprise Cards

Can I hijack a ship and send it to battle on the same turn?

No. Even in Potato War, we have code of honour. If player hijack ship outside of their turn, player must wait till their turn before attack. If player hijack ship within their turn, is acceptable to send to battle.

When hijacking a ship, can I put a crew on the hijacked ship or should I wait until it’s my turn?

Hijacker can assign crew to ship. Hijacked player must wait until turn to rearrange their crew because minions all panic and run to nearest ship. 

Can I use one deny card to deny multiple ship attacks or only one ship?

Deny card like toilet paper. Only use 1 time for 1 attack. Cannot deny multiple ship or attack.

What do I do if I play a switch card and I have more than 3 ships? Do I just draw three cards?

There is a default statement at the end, if you have zero ships or more than 3 ships, you get nothing. Player get nothing, because player fall outside of defined condition on card. If you have 0 ship or more than 3 ships, it become default - which means nothing happens. However, you can abandon a ships to your desired number in order to use the Switch card.

Do all pink action cards interrupt each other? E.g. a deny can block a loot. But if player A attempts to loot player B, can player B play a card like Hack/Hijack and resolve it before the loot happens?

Pink card will run in order of who play first. Maybe if you lucky you loot the Hack or Hijack. Only Deny can cancel out.


When there are only 2 players left and one of them has a Potato King card, is it an automatic lose to the opponent, since there is no one else to race to salute?

Yes. Potato King no mercy, so you also have no mercy.

If I loot a Potato King from someone else, do I have to play it, or can I keep it in my hand to play later?

If player loot on their own turn, must play immediately. If loot out of turn, keep until turn.

If a player is eliminated and I take over their Potato King cards, do I get to play them again to gain potatoes?

No. You only get to play them if you loot the Potato King bug cards from other players.