By Codomo Singapore

Forbidden Magic II: Veggie Vengeance

The truth is ready to be decoded

Potato King wiped the sweat off his tubery forehead - after several hours, he had finally deciphered the mess that was the "Terms of Service". He was tired, but he knew he needed to keep going - he wanted to; no, needed to - find out what happened to himself and his crew.

He grabbed the dirty wooden box, held it upside down, and chanted at the top of his voice, "Oh Great Sage Spudfucious, I have messed up, please reveal the errors of my ways!"

Nothing happened.

Potato King frowned and checked the "Terms of Service" again. He muttered something a little inappropriate and went to rummage within his tool cabinet, eventually returning with a flat-head screwdriver. He carefully placed the screwdriver into a tiny notch in the wood, and tried to pry up the lid. It didn't budge. Potato King frowned and applied more pressure. There was a loud sound that sounded like a mix between a "crack" and a "pop", and the screwdriver flew out of his hand, landing with a clatter on the floor. The wooden lid had come up part of the way, and Potato King wedged his fingers in and pried it the rest of the way off, leaving it to join the screwdriver on the floor.

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A shabby booklet lay inside the shallow compartment, bound together by dirty, frayed string. It was clearly far from pristine. Potato King picked up the box and peered closely at the contents - the booklet looked as though it would crumble to pieces if he picked it up.

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As he made his way back to his desk, he tripped on the screwdriver on the floor and fell face-first, sending the box flying across the room. By the time he picked himself up, the booklet lay in pieces on the floor, pages scattered all across the room. "Oh, bugger," he groaned, moving around to pick up the loose pages.

He carefully placed the pages back into the upended box and carefully walked back to his desk (he usually had way more grace than this) so as not to repeat what happened. Once the box was safely on the table, he picked up one of the worn pages and examined it closely, only to realize that the booklet's script had also been corrupted by the botched ritual, and reduced to endless lists of various vegetable names.

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He stared at it in dismay. None of it made any sense; what was he supposed to do with this pile of nonsense? Just then, something glinted in the corner of the room.

He made his way to the object, and it turned out to be a small sheet of engraved metal. Unlike everything else that had been inside the wooden box, this metal square was immaculate; it's surface was not marred by any dents or scratches - in fact, not even a speck of dust was on it.

Potato King hold shiny metal square for coding challenge - learn coding with games

It sparkled beautifully in the sunlight streaming through the window. Potato King thought that the metal square must have been bestowed with a powerful enchantment, one powerful enough to withstand the catastrophic ritual. The words on the metal square were engraved with such beauty and precision that Potato King stood there mesmerized for a good while before he realized they were instructions - instructions on how to repair the veggie-fied booklet!

Ahoy there Pirate Buds, Spuds and Sages! Potato King is that much closer to discovering the truth of his spud-dy condition. In Coding Challenge II, you will help him figure out the page number in the Manuscript to discover the truth!

Below, you can find all the required resources and hints. May the winds always be on your back!

  • If you are still scrubbing the Python deck, please collect a Cannon Fodder pack.
  • If you know how to avoid walking the Traceback plank, check out the Buccaneer pack.
  • If Piper trusts you more than the Potato King himself, please try out the Sage pack.

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