By Codomo Singapore

Forbidden Magic III: The Answer to All

For a moment, Potato King was speechless. His throat felt tight and his heart sank as his eyes tried to make sense of the words on the Answer to All.

Answer to coding challenges - potato pirates coding card game

The truth has now become clear. He had messed up the ritual. It split him into seven different parts, each a different aspect of himself and sealed them into their own frozen time. He had been erased from the timeline in which his crew existed, and the only one who had been trapped in this current time was the lone spear-holding potato, who had been standing guard outside his cabin when the explosion occurred.

While it rendered him immortal technically, he was an incomplete entity. Yet, despite all this, he felt oddly cheerful and optimistic - no matter; he would have time to find the other six pieces and reunite them. After all, he still had his trusty ship, and finding a crew would be fun - meeting new friends would be a wonderful thing.

The happy potato crew - potato pirates coding card game

Congratulations! Your help has revealed the truth to Potato King, who is now determined to seek out the other six pieces of himself. You had also gone on a great journey, ending it off with a real bang!

As promised to all our Challenge 2 Buds, Spuds and Sages, below are your secret chests. When you have found your special keyword, key it into their suspiciously modern interfaces and you will get your cool rewards!


What you could have learnt

  1. Creating a variable
  2. Creating a function || def myfunction():
  3. What is a string, index, ASCII  || index starts from 0 , chr(97) = 'a'
  4. Assigning some content to your variable using =
  5. Changing mutable content with operators || + - += -=
  6. If-loops || if char == key: 
  7. elif, also known as else if  || elif char == key2:
  8. If-else loops || if char == key: ... else: ...
  9. For loops || for char in string: ...
  10. String formatting || string = string + char, string.replace(char, '') 
  11. File actions || , 'r') ,, file.readlines()
  12. Dictionaries and their key-value pairs|| my_dict = {key1: value1 , key2: value2 }
  13. Getting dictionary keys || keys = my_dict.keys()
  14. Getting dictionary values using their keys || value = my_dict[key1]
  15. Getting one character in a string || char1 = string[0]
  16. Regular expression (regex) || r'\b{1,10}\w\b'

Thank you so much for participating!

We hope that you had a great time with programming, especially if this is your first time trying to code. To help us better improve possible future events, please take a couple minutes of your time filling out the feedback form below. As always, may the winds always be on your back!

Speaking of encryption

Can a board game alone teach cybersecurity to children?

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