By Codomo Singapore

Try Cracking These 7 Passwords If You Can

Our passwords are super vulnerable

Previously, I wrote a Medium article on how I cracked 40,000 passwords with Python in an hour. I wrote how companies store our sensitive passwords in their database responsibly (and also irresponsibly), how p@$$w0rd and password are the same in weakness and some simple techniques to make hard to crack and easy to remember passwords.

The Game

A month has passed. While I was in the shower rubbing my scalp, I thought of a cool idea — a hacking game even for the non-tech people and children. There will be image and text hints to help you out. This game challenges your craftiness and creativity, not so much on your technical skill. It’s a fun game for the weekend with friends or with your kids.

The full game can be found here. Have fun cracking them. :)

Potato cracker challenge, learn coding with games

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