What You Will Get

Potato Pirates: Battlechips - Kickstarter Exclusive

Age 9+ | 6 Players | 30-60 Minutes

Potato Pirates 3: Battlechipsis a strategic card game with an exciting gameplay experience where youzap potatoes for energy,dig for sunken cards, andfortifyyourself with powersandabilitiesto defeat enemy factions across the Carbobbean Seas.

What is in the game:

  • 12 unique captain cards
  • 6 sets of 10 power cards
  • 1 single-side printed token
  • 108 Action and Control Cards
  • 22 Spudnet Cards
  • 30 Large crew tokens
  • 70 small crew tokens
  • 30 Large energy tokens
  • 70 small energy tokens
  • 36 upgrade tokens

Enter The Spudnet Board Game

2 - 6 players | Ages 10+ | 30 to 60 minutes

Explore how the internet works through a board game! Our STEM board games visualize and decipher the networking and cyber security concept in just 1 hour of playing. Perfect board games for kids as well as adults.

While playing our family board games, you will be exposed to cybersecurity concepts such as firewalls, malware, botnets, and many others. These concepts are introduced in a fun byte-sized game so that everyone can enjoy playing. It’s a suitable choice for board games for kids to play on a game night.

What's inside our STEM board games:

- 3 x Zone Series cards
- 3 x Roulette series cards
- 3 x Malware series cards
- 3 x HTTP Error Code Series Cards
- 6 x Upgraded Faction Tokens
- 1 x Game map
- 2 x Game mode (Player vs. Player & Co-operative)

How To Play Enter The Spudnet

How To Play Battlechips

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