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The Potato Pirates games are the most fun, social, interactive, and effective way to introduce fundamentals of Computer Science - spanning coding and cybersecurity concepts. Through playing our games, learners can accelerate the learning of Computer Science concepts.
Our games have earned the prestigious Authenticated™ Seal, which makes our games integrate seamlessly into STEM-friendly programs and easily explain even the most complex concepts.

Perfect For

Computer Science Lessons

Highly engaging and interactive STEM games. Perfect way to get your students excited about learning computer science in classroom!

Trainings and Workshops

The games are designed to give you all the tools you need to run a memorable and effective training or workshop session. Support 2 to 12 hours of training and include all the necessary hands-on training material.

Introduction and Awareness Programs

This is a great way to increase employees' awareness of potential security threats and how to prevent them. All the games will introduce them to computational thinking, which can help them be more productive and efficient in their work. Not to mention, they'll have a lot of fun while playing the games.

Team-building Sessions

Your search is over with our selection of the best additional board games to run a team-building session! These STEM games are perfect for playing with friends in class or colleagues after work.

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